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Everything you need to know about our Glass Frails and Glass Transport Systems…

They don’t call us the ‘Ultimate Glass Racks’ for nothing!

You’re in the best place to see why we offer the Ultimate Glass Racks. Throughout this web site you will see high quality images of recent conversions as well as testimonials from REAL customers who were happy to give their help. We have been manufacturing and installing racks and frails for over 24 years, we would not have lasted this long with inferior products. We have spent a lot of time and money on sourcing the best materials and safety features. We use computer aided design in the creation of new products but the true quality of our products comes from the fact that all our products are made by our family of trained craftsmen who have a combined experience of over 50 years.


From April 2013 to comply with Whole Vehicle Type Approval your vehicle must be registered before any modifications can be made to it. Simply put, your vehicle must have registration plates prior to us installing your equipment.

We use up to six specially designed profiles in each rack.

Yes. We use up to six specially designed profiles in each rack. Top Fleet glass carrying system has evolved over the years to the purpose built solution you see today. All the profiles and sections of aluminium and rubber have been designed and tested to achieve the best possible balance of weight and strength. 
Is that important? Yes! There are serious problems associated with the ‘off the shelf’ box section used in other racks – especially those you will see available in kit form on the internet. Box section is designed for general construction, not for glass transport, so it is too heavy and is easily crushed by the fixings used to attach the rack to your van – making this type of rack extremely dangerous.

Erm, No.

Buying a glass frail is a very important factor in creating the glazing van that you will rely on every working day. Kit form racks are available on the internet and mail order, and not only are these type of racks made from inferior and unsuitable materials, but in fitting them yourself without any prior experience, you run the risk of damaging your rack, your van or yourself. When you purchase a product from Top Fleet we work with you and draw on our 22 years experience to provide a glass transport solution specific to your requirements. Both the rack build and fit need to pass strict quality control before your vehicle is passed off – that said, our skilled fitters and testers can complete a fit in as little as two hours, and you can be straight back on the road complete with a full safety test and three year warranty.

In Short, No. Non Invasive Fixing Methods are Available.

99% of our racks are drilled and bolted through the side panels of the vehicle, as this is the most efficient and economical method of installation. However on some vehicles it is possible to use the rain gutter to secure the glass rack. Give us a call to see if your vehicle is suitable.

There will be an increase in wind noise and vibration when adding any roof rack or glass frail to your van.

This is because the original aerodynamic design of the van has been disrupted. Top Fleet’s products have been built with fuel economy and noise reduction in mind, so you can be assured noise and vibration levels will be kept to a minimum however sometimes it cannot be helped.  Extending the roof rack past the flat area of your roof or over the cab will certainly increase noise and vibration at speeds over 40mph. This is often a necessary evil because it allows longer material to be transported on a smaller van. Optional wind deflectors or spoilers are available.

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