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Glass Rack Installation

Our installation terms are designed to make the installation of your Top Fleet product to go as smoothly as possible.
These terms are effective from 01/01/2011

Terms & Conditions

The Specification of your Vehicle

The quotation has been based on information, you, the customer have supplied. Costs will be incurred if our products need to be altered or remanufactured at the time of fitting due to incorrect information supplied. Therefore it is in the customer’s interest to ensure this quotation is 100% accurate and that the product will fit the measurements of the vehicle. Also please advise us of any height restrictions OR VEHICLE MODIFICATIONS such as:
Glazed Panels
Tailgate Rear Door
Additional Side Loading Doors
Other additional equipment.

It may be possible to re-quote & build a bespoke system to meet your requirements.

Installation time.

Please insure that you arrive by the agreed time printed on your Quotation/Order. Late arrival may result in a rescheduled fitting time to maintain the fitting time of the next vehicle.

Approximately 2-3 Hour Fitting Time

The fitting time for a single racking system and standard roof racking system on most vehicles is approximately 2-3 Hours. However if our fitting technicians do not have clear access to the necessary fixing locations for the rack, the fitting will take longer.

Safe Working Area (Mobile Fitting)

A safe & secure area must be provided where Mobile Fitting has been requested. This area must be a safe distance away from Public Roads & Highways, On Level Ground & away from unauthorised personnel. A 240V power supply is also required. These conditions must be adhered to. The Mobile Fitting Team reserves the right to refuse to fit a vehicle where they feel it is a Hazard to themselves or others.

Ensure Easy Access

Please ensure that all internal obstructions are removed from the area where our product is to be fitted.
The removal of all internal obstructions must be done prior to arrival.
This includes all ply-lining and internal racking (if fitted) from the panels where our glass rack is to be installed.
Failure to do so will incur a cost of £100.00 + VAT

Ensure Sufficient Work Space

Our technicians also need sufficient room to work. We therefore ask that either the van should arrive empty or have sufficient room to work in. Top Fleet will not be responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle or its contents due to insufficient working space.


It is extremely important that these requests are adhered to as they are designed to make the fitting process of your new Glass Rack go as smoothly as possible. The result of a vehicle not in the requested condition will lead to delays in the fitting process and will incur extra costs.

From April 2013 to comply with Whole Vehicle Type Approval your vehicle must be registered before any modifications can be made to it. Simply put, your vehicle must have registration plates prior to us installing your equipment.

Top Fleet VSS Group Ltd. will take no responsibility for any costs or damages arising from these aforementioned conditions of fitting. If there are any queries about these terms please call 0845 500 8800.

What do Our Customers Really Think?

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  • Ford Transit Glass Frail "A very fast and efficient service. Nick was very professional and kept me informed..."
    ... Paul, Southern Trade Windows
  • Mercedes Sprinter Glass Frail "Everything I asked for when enquiring timing, price, fitting time was perfect could not ask for more..."
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